Spring Nights in Kyoto: Nijo Castle Illuminations

Join us on a late-night excursion to one of Kyoto's castles! There's no better way to view the cherry blossoms than at night.

Merging past and present: teamLab at the PACE Gallery

For a limited time, teamLab brought their new creations to the PACE Gallery in Palo Alto. Titled The Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity, the exhibit features six large digital panels, each housing a dynamic art piece.

Welcome, 2019 - A Leisure New Years in Seattle

It's finally turned into 2019! Regardless of how last year was, let's make this a fresh start for the new year ahead!

Winter walks at the beach

Welcoming the winter months with a trip to the beach! Definitely no swimsuits here.

Ringing in Christmas with...

With the holiday season quickly drowning us in all things festive, family, and fun, we decided to take a day-trip around Seattle the old-fashioned way -- planning our day around food.

To the edge: the Olympic Penninsula [Part 2]

Our second hike took us toward Cape Flattery, the northwestern-most point of the continuous United States!

A weekend in the (mild) wilderness: the Olympic Peninsula [Part 1]

This weekend it was off to a remote and desolate corner of Washington, the Olympic Peninsula! We've been planning this trip on and off for quite a while, and are so happy we were able to make it happen.